CCG Angel

Make your Discord server enjoyable and secure!

Boost your server activity with all new features CCG Angel provides!  CCG Angel is a multi-purpose Discord bot made to enhance and entertain Discord servers around the globe! 

What do we offer? Check out some of our features below!


I can kick, ban, clear messages and more!

Quick moderation commands by your side to remove unwanted members off your server, delete any spam messages and moderate your server better!


Many fun commands thats sure to brighten up your server!

Fun commands for you and your server members to use. These commands can be used by everyone to help make your server much more enjoyable.

Music is an essential part of running a good server! Join a voice chat with you and your friends and rock some tunes!


You can play different kinds of songs on your servers voice channel to enjoy!

And more!

We are always looking and working on adding new commands and features!

Take control of your discord server now!

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